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LINQ to SQL Profiler

LINQ to SQL Profiler is a real-time visual profiler allowing you to gain valuable insight and perspective into an application's database interaction. It makes it easy to identify your applications hot spots. Not only does LINQ to SQL Profiler show you what is going on, but it will take it a step further in suggesting possible changes that will make your code more efficient. LINQ to SQL Profiler is a must on the tool belt of anyone using PLINQO.

To get started using LINQ to SQL Profiler, just follow these steps:

1. Download the trial from http://l2sprof.com
2. In your Visual Studio Project, add a reference to:


3. Add the following code in the startup portion of your application


4. Start up LINQ to SQL Profiler
5. Start your application
6. Watch the action begin!

It's that simple to start profiling PLINQO!

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