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Universal JavaScript Support Added to Exceptionless.JavaScript

Recently, we released Exceptionless.JavaScript 1.5. The major update for the release was the addition of universal JavaScript (React Universal) support! More details below. The key is that we can now run in server side node apps, or in the browser, with a single script and do the right thing! TL;DR: Isomorphism is the functional aspect of...(read more)

CodeSmith Generator 8.0.1

New Features Added a new PostgreSQLSchemaProvider (Contrib Paul Welter). Bug Fixes Added additional error handling around saving documents in visual studio. Fixed a bug where extracting samples could fail without retrying. Many more minor bug fixes. Breaking Changes The installer no longer contains MSBuild support or Visual Studio Integration. If you are getting an error...(read more)

JavaScript Client V1.5 Release Details & Notes

Exceptionless.JavaScript v1.5 Release Notes Unversal App Support The major update for 1.5 is that we have added support for universal apps (React Universal). To view the exact changes required to get everything working and set up, click here. Other 1.5 Updates Added support for exceptions that are passed in and are just strings. Updated TraceKit...(read more)

Generate On Build now available on NuGet

Part of the big Generator 8.0 release that launched a few weeks ago was improving Generate on Build functionality. Previous versions of Generator required a pre-installed targets file for MSBuild integration. This was not a great option when you were trying to generate and build code on a build server or consuming Generator on a...(read more)

CodeSmith Generator 8.0 has Arrived!

CodeSmith Generator 8.0 is here and it brings with it many great improvements. We’ve added Visual Studio 2017, C# 6, VB 14, and .NET 4.7 support, and made using CodeSmith Generator in CI / build server scenarios super simple. Also, a number of NuGet packages have been added to make it much easier to use...(read more)

Weekly Update: CodeSmith Generator, Serilog Sink, and Foundatio.Redis Updates

Blake’s been busy lately, including some work on one of our other projects, CodeSmith Generator, to update Exceptionless to the latest version. Naturally, this got him thinking about other potential improvements while we were doing work on Serilog Sink for Exceptionless and Foundatio.Redis, as well. Watch the video to hear the full story! CodeSmith Generator...(read more)

More Improvements to Exceptionless Slack Integration

In this week’s video, Blake covers a quick update on the Exceptionless Slack integration, along with a minor update to Foundatio. Take a look! Slack Integration Update We have been tweaking the recent Slack integration over the past month or so, and this week we noticed that action URLs being created incorrectly and failures weren’t being...(read more)

CodeSmith Generator 8.0.0

New Features Added support for C# 6 and VB 14 language features. Added support for .NET 4.7. You can now reference  .NET 4.7 assembly references. Added support for Visual Studio 2017. Visual Studio support can be installed as a VSIX from the Visual Studio marketplace and can be automatically updated. Added official CodeSmith Generator NuGet packages...(read more)

Slack Integration Updates and Bug Fixes – Weekly Update 5/22/2017

This week we have a quick update, where we focus on bug fixes and improvements to our recent Slack Integration. Check out the video, above, and please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns! WATCH NOW Watch more Live Code Demos The post Slack Integration Updates and Bug Fixes – Weekly...(read more)

Exceptionless Slack Integration, Further Improved Notifications

As you guys know, we’ve been working on notification improvements lately. This latest video update by Blake is no different and involves Slack integration! If you’re not familiar with Slack, definitely check it out. It’s a great app for communicating with your team, and much more. For Exceptionless, it’s been something we’ve wanted to integrate...(read more)

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