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JavaScript Client Demo – Exceptionless

We’re getting closer and closer to version 1.0 of our JavaScript client, and we wanted to give everyone a demo of installation, configuration, and usage. If you’re using Node.js, make sure to check out last week’s blog post for Node specific examples. Otherwise, continue reading for Javascript examples. As you read and begin playing with the...(read more)

Exceptionless Node.js JavaScript Client Demo

Last week we announced our full featured JavaScript client, and we’re super excited about releasing a version 1.0 soon. This week we’d like to put more details out there on the Node.js version of the JavaScript client, including installation, configuration, and usage. We’ve also set up an Express.js sample app that you can spin up locally to play with...(read more)

JavaScript Client Available for Preview & Testing!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, we’ve been working on a JavaScript client, and it’s ready to peak it’s head out into the wild. We’re talking beta status here, but version 1.0 is on its way and we wanted to let you guys play with it as soon as possible to provide feedback and help us work...(read more)

Exceptionless V2.0.1 Shipped!

This release focused on bug fixes since the 2.0 release and include the below notable changes. Exceptionless Server API Status page now also checks the status of Storage, Queues and Message Bus. Added the ability to requeue events (E.X., archived or events that failed to process). Added the ability to send out system and release notifications....(read more)

Exceptionless API Usage and Overview

So you’ve been using Exceptionless for a while, but you wish you had a different dashboard, or maybe you’d like to integrate event data into one of your apps. No problem, just use the API! Through our adventures while building Exceptionless, we’ve kept open source, automation, and ease of use in mind. With that, we think our API,...(read more)

Filter and Searching Tutorial Video – Exceptionless

One of the most requested features from the beginning of Exceptionless 1.0 was a filtering and searching system. When we started developing Exceptionless 2.0, we knew it was one of the major features we wanted to include. We couldn’t just throw in a string search and hope for the best. We had to build it...(read more)

An Exceptionless NuGet Package Tour

Giving back to the development community is important to us over here at Exceptionless. We love open source! As such, the Exceptionless NuGet assembly library, with 31 assemblies and over 176,000 package downloads, is ever growing and expanding right along with our GitHub repos. We thought we would give everyone a quick tour, and at the same time...(read more)

How to Add a Plugin to Affect Events in Exceptionless

A plugin is a client-side addin that is run every time you submit an event. Plugins can be used to add or remove data from an event, or even allow you to cancel an event submission. Each client-specific implementation registers a plugin to provide client-specific information like request info, environmental info, etc. These abilities make plugins...(read more)

Sending Log Messages to Exceptionless

We’re all about exceptions, but sometimes, as developers, we run into bugs that don’t throw them but still cause major havoc in the system. There are also times we just need to record an event with a custom message to help track down bottlenecks, etc. That’s where Exceptionless meets log messages. In Exceptionless 2.0, you can...(read more)

Logging Feature Usages with Exceptionless

The ability to log feature usages is one of the many new… features… of Exceptionless 2.0. If you want to know when a button is being clicked, or what users are doing certain tasks, feature usage logging will help you track and visualize each occurrence. What you learn from logging these types of feature usages might surprise...(read more)

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