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Collect Project Level Usage Stats, UI Updates, Foundatio Updates – Weekly Video 5/8/2017

We’ve snuck in lots of updates for this past week! New features have been added, such as collecting project-level usage statistics, the ability to add notes to API keys, and much more. Oh, and we’re no longer throttling free plans! That’s for Exceptionless core, but we’ve also made updates  to the Exceptionless UI and Foundatio...(read more)

Daily Summary Email Improvements, Foundatio Updates, and more – Weekly Update 5/1/2017

In the 5/1/17 weekly update, Blake talks email notification improvements, bug fixes, and Foundatio.Repositories and Foundatio.Parsers updates. Check out the video above or read the details below. Updates to Exceptionless In the past few weeks, we have made massive improvements to the daily summary emails, and added support for json-ld. You can keep up with continued...(read more)

Weekly Update for 4/24/17 – Blake Speaking @ North Dallas .NET and more!

In this week’d update, Blake does a little traveling and speaking, and both Exceptionless and Foundatio.Repositories get an update! Blake Speaks @ North Dallas .NET On May 3, Blake spoke at the North Dallas .NET User Group meetup in Plano. The topic was Exception Driven Development, and of course he killed it! Naturally, the Exceptionless...(read more)

Exceptionless Weekly Update 4/17/2017

Nothing too crazy going on in this week’s update. A few tweaks to Exceptionless, Exceptionless.NET, and Exceptionless.JavaScript. Check out the details below, and don’t forget to let us know how we’re doing! Weekly Code & Development Update – 4/17/2017 Exceptionless Core Updates This week we released the Exceptionless 4.0.2 minor release with a few fixes...(read more)

Weekly Update – Review of New Releases and More

Last week we announced release notes for Exceptionless 4.0.2, Exceptionless.NET 4.0.3, and Exceptionless.UI 2.6.2. In our weekly update this week, we review some of those changes/updates, Foundatio changes, and more. Check it out! Exceptionless Live Stream Update 4/13/17 Exceptionless Core Updates In Exceptionless Core, we added support for MailKit, pipeline action and plugin level metrics,...(read more)

Exceptionless.NET client, core, UI, releases – Bugs, Usability, Performance, Self Hosting

This past week we released Exceptionless 4.0.2 and Exceptionless.NET 4.0.3, consisting of maintenance updates that fixed several usability issues for self hosters, various performance, issues, bug fixes, and some general improvements. Below is a highlight of the release notes, and don’t forget to let us know how we’re doing or what can improve by following...(read more)

Azure Functions, Email Client, Foundatio – 4/3/17 Weekly Update

Q2 2017 is here already, whether we are ready for it or not! In March, we released several new updates to Exceptionless and Foundatio, so our first update in April isn’t crazy, but here we go! Exceptionless Updates We took some time to look into supporting Azure Functions. learn more And we received a few...(read more)

March Update Rollup – New Releases, Updates, Bug fixes, and more!

March was a productive month! We got tons done, and we’re here to share everything with you so you’re up to date and can hold us accountable if you notice any bugs in the changes. Let’s get to it! Week of 3/6/2017 Search query fix, Implemented AsyncAutoResetEvent in Foundatio, Upgraded project format Fixed an issue...(read more)

Weekly Update – Bug Fixes, Archival Format Changes, and Foundatio Updates

This week we’ve got some cool stuff in our weekly update! Along with the below, you can now follow along over on the new YouTube Exceptionless Weekly Updates playlist, so make sure to check it out and subscribe! Let’s Get Down To Business Updates to Exceptionless We fixed an issue where you couldn’t run Exceptionless on...(read more)

Email Logging, UI Improvements, Foundatio Updates, and more – Live Code Demo

Watch out this week, Blake’s on fire! We’re talking email loggings, UI tweaks, Exceptionless.NET updates and fixes, Foundatio updates, and Foundatio.Repositories updates. Lot’s going on, let’s check it out in this week’s Live Code Demo. Exceptionless Updates This week, we made improvements to email logging and documentation when running in dev mode. Find out more...(read more)

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