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Exceptionless Case Study – Scientific Lab Equipment

It’s always great to hear back from our users, whether it’s a simple “atta boy” or a full page’s worth of feedback. Today we thought it would be nice to share a recent case study from one of our users that lives in the scientific laboratory and processing equipment space. Their company is a leading...(read more)

Exclude and Protect Sensitive Data within Exceptionless

We realize you may have sensitive data that could potentially be transmitted within an Exceptionless error, event, log message, etc. In order to help make sure that information is not compromised, we have included a simple comma delimited field for data exclusions on the Exceptionless Project Settings page where you can add field names that...(read more)

The Power of Real-time Project Settings

Did you know there are customizable server/client configuration values within your Exceptionless Project’s settings? Well now you do – and knowing’s half the battle! These project level settings are a dictionary of key value pairs (string key, string value). They are defined server-side and automatically pushed to the client when they are updated. Using this...(read more)

JavaScript / Node.js Client V1 Release Notes

Last week we announced the V1 release candidate for the Exceptionless JavaScript/Node.js Client. This week we’ve got official release notes for you! Have a look. Release Notes Client supports JavaScript and Node (Works everywhere) Send your errors, logs or feature usages to your Exceptionless dashboard Supports various module formats such as es6 (SystemJS/jspm), UMD, RequireJS, CommonJS, or...(read more)

JavaScript & Node.js Client Version 1 Release Candidate

If you’ve been following along the last few weeks, you know we’ve been working hard to get the new JavaScript Client up to speed and ready for a version 1 release. We think we’re there! Whether you’re a JavaScript or Node.js user, you’ll be able to enjoy the same full featured exception and event reporting...(read more)

JavaScript Client Demo – Exceptionless

We’re getting closer and closer to version 1.0 of our JavaScript client, and we wanted to give everyone a demo of installation, configuration, and usage. If you’re using Node.js, make sure to check out last week’s blog post for Node specific examples. Otherwise, continue reading for Javascript examples. As you read and begin playing with the...(read more)

Exceptionless Node.js JavaScript Client Demo

Last week we announced our full featured JavaScript client, and we’re super excited about releasing a version 1.0 soon. This week we’d like to put more details out there on the Node.js version of the JavaScript client, including installation, configuration, and usage. We’ve also set up an Express.js sample app that you can spin up locally to play with...(read more)

JavaScript Client Available for Preview & Testing!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, we’ve been working on a JavaScript client, and it’s ready to peak it’s head out into the wild. We’re talking beta status here, but version 1.0 is on its way and we wanted to let you guys play with it as soon as possible to provide feedback and help us work...(read more)

Exceptionless V2.0.1 Shipped!

This release focused on bug fixes since the 2.0 release and include the below notable changes. Exceptionless Server API Status page now also checks the status of Storage, Queues and Message Bus. Added the ability to requeue events (E.X., archived or events that failed to process). Added the ability to send out system and release notifications....(read more)

Exceptionless API Usage and Overview

So you’ve been using Exceptionless for a while, but you wish you had a different dashboard, or maybe you’d like to integrate event data into one of your apps. No problem, just use the API! Through our adventures while building Exceptionless, we’ve kept open source, automation, and ease of use in mind. With that, we think our API,...(read more)

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