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Your old ORM has evolved.

PLINQO is an enhanced alternative for the most popular Object Relational Mapping frameworks. It is a set of CodeSmith Templates designed to simplify the creation and maintenance of data models, as well as provide you with an easy to use data access layer that adhears to best practices.

Choose Your Framework

PLINQO for LINQ to SQL PLINQO for Entity Framework PLINQO for NHibernate

Microsoft's minimalist approach to ORMs, LINQ to SQL is the original lightweight LINQ implementation for data access.


Entity Framework is Microsoft's ORM of choice. It is an advanced framework that uses multiple models to allow for flexibility.

PLINQO for Entity Framework

NHibernate is the open source community's ORM of choice. It is a port of Hibernate for Java that has taken on a life of it's own.

PLINQO for NHibernate

Key Features

  • Instant Data Layer Generation - PLINQO will generate all of your database mappings, business entities, and query extensions instantly. Each generated class is separated into editable and generated files, all of which are organized into an intelligible folder structure.
  • Safe Regeneration and Synchronization - Quickly and safely regenerate your data layer against your database. PLINQO intelligently seeks out and merges data changes with code changes, allowing you customize your ORM mappings and safely regenerate them!
  • Open Source - All PLINQO templates and libraries are open source. This puts you in complete control of your source code, and allows you to customize your data layer to fit your needs. Interested in sharing your changes? Submit a patch and get it put into the next build of PLINQO.


"PLINQO is a great example of the kind of additions we can expect from CodeSmith and others to add value to Microsoft's LINQ technology."

~ Robert Bazinet

"I'm using PLINQO to create LINQ to SQL classes! Makes one file per class and has built-in caching! Now I can't live without it."

~ John Bledsoe

"@CodeSmithTools release of PLINQO for MS Entity Framework looks a winner. #Microsoft should buy this instead #Skype."

~ MWeb Solutions

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