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Job System Enhancements – Version 2′s Got Em!

Summer means vacations and pool time, but we haven’t stopped working on Exceptionless 2.0. Things are coming along nicely, and today we’re here to talk about the job system and the code being written to enhance it. After you read this article, check out the previous V2.0 feature and detail articles, if you haven’t already. Good stuff in there! Exceptionless 2.0 – In the Making Event Based Reporting System Simplified API A Pluggable System Exceptionless 2.0 Client Rewrite Sneak Peak...(read more)

Version 2.0′s New Message Bus and Queueing Systems

In an effort to improve scaleability, allow for new functionality to easily be added to Exceptionless, make the system less coupled, process things more efficiently, go fully Async, and further support Azure, we’ve been working hard on a new message bus and queueing system. Lets take a look at a few of the details surrounding these new systems we’re building for Exceptionless 2.0. Take a look and let us know what you think. If you’ve got questions or comments, we’d love …...(read more)

Exceptionless 2.0 Client Rewrite Sneak Peek Usage Example

As Exceptionless 2.0 continues to become a reality, we thought we would give everyone a little taste of what you will be able to do with the new, re-written client. Continue reading for a glimpse at the primary features, along with a complete usage example for adding extra data to events. After you check it out, let us know if you have questions or suggestions. We’re listening! New Client Features The Exceptionless client has been completely re-written to be highly … Continued The post...(read more)

Coming in Exceptionless 2.0 – A Pluggable System

In the last Exceptionless 2.0 article, we announced the upcoming simplified API. Today, we want to introduce another major piece of V2.0 – the pluggable system. Plugins will allow customization and translation throughout the Exceptionless platform, including integration with third-party services and more. Read on for more details about pluggable details such as event parsing, event pipeline, and formatting. Event Parsing Has access to the raw POST data as well as the content type and submission...(read more)

More from the Upcoming Exceptionless 2.0: Simplified API

Since going open source, we’ve wanted to simplify the API and make it easier to work with. We’re taking the time to do it now, and it’s going to be awesome! Exceptionless 2.0, coming soon, will have a new, manageable API with tons of great documentation and examples. Take a look at the preliminary documentation at the below link, and make sure to give us any feedback you might have. API Simplified New REST API documentation and samples site. Take a look and … Continued The...(read more)

Exceptionless 1.5 Released!

While we’re on the march to Exceptionless 2.0, we’re still making updates and fixing bugs on version 1. Today, we’d like to announce that Exceptionless 1.5 has been released, which includes several server changes and bug fixes, as well as major client code base optimization. Please update your client to version 1.5 and take a look at the other changes and bug fixes, below. We’ve done quite a bit of work to notifications, added throttling to improve coverage on small and …...(read more)

Event Based Reporting System Coming in Version 2.0

We hinted that more details on the upcoming Exceptionless 2.0 release would get announced soon, and here we are! Lets dive in a bit further, shall we? Many users have asked for ways to use Exceptionless to report additional types of events, rather than just errors. With version 2.0, we are moving to an event based system that will accommodate such requests. What’s an Event Based Real-Time Reporting Tool Look Like? The new system allows us to receive literally any … Continued The post...(read more)

Exceptionless 2.0 – In the Making

It may seem quiet in Exceptionless land, but the truth is we’ve been writing, and re-writing, more code than you can point a cursor at. If it weren’t a labor of love, our fingers would have mutinied long ago, but luckily they are in it for the long haul and are churning out some seriously sweet new features and rewrites. Exceptionless 2.0 will include many of the feature requests that have come in since we launched, and will drastically expand … Continued The post Exceptionless...(read more)

Web Application Errors and the 80-20 Rule

You know the 80-20 rule. The one marketers, managers, bigwigs, writers, speakers, and everyone else references to tell you what to focus on or why the widgets aren’t selling like they should. Well, as painful as it might be to hear the rule applied to yet another scenario, we’re here today to let you know that 80-20 can be applied, in many cases, to your code’s exceptions as well. 20% of Errors Cause 80% of Exception Instances That’s not so … Continued The post Web Application...(read more)

A Few Recent Exceptionless Case Studies

We like to know how Exceptionless is helping its users, and we love it when we get feedback! Every once in a while, we like to share a story or two so we can drive home the benefits of having a real-time exception logging service tied into code projects. Surveys are sometimes sent out to users, and we wanted to share a few recent responses. Exceptionless Case Study Questions What is the number one customer-facing bug that Exceptionless has helped … Continued The post A Few Recent Exceptionless...(read more)

Exception Handling & Logging Tool for ASP.NET, Web API, WebForms, WPF, Console, MVC, and more

Having a handle on your code’s errors is important. Thousands, if not millions, of exceptions are thrown every day in production code without anyone knowing. These errors might be affecting the bottom line, or they could be negligible – either way, it’s important to know that they exist, how often they are occurring, and what parts of the app are affected. Are you looking for a comprehensive tool that handles logging, reporting, grouping, and notifications for exceptions in your...(read more)

Intelligent App Error Grouping Helps Organize Your Exceptions

Having a tool like Exceptionless to report and log your software’s errors is great, but many of our clients experience thousands of instances of each error over various lengths of time, which can become overwhelming quickly. We couldn’t just leave them with a huge list of individual error occurrences to drudge through, so we went through several different potential options until we devised the best way to group them. Grouping Errors Intelligently What’s there to group by? The details...(read more)

Exceptionless Now Hosted on Azure

As usual, we’ve been working on ways to improve the Exceptionless service. Due to growing demand for our hosted error reporting plans, we decided to move everything to the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. We completed the move last week and, except for a few small hiccups that were quickly resolved, everything is already running faster across the board! Benefits of Azure Bring on the errors! As our user base continues to expand, the first priority is to continue providing the … Continued...(read more)

Detailed Error Reports – What’s Included?

When an error occurs in your app, you need to know the critical details, fast, so you can drill down and fix it. We get it – we’re developers too – that’s why we built Exceptionless. The trick was organizing the data so it didn’t overwhelm our users, while still providing all the important stuff so developers wouldn’t have to spend extra time tracking down versions, requesting stack traces, or pulling teeth to get environment information. Lets take a look …...(read more)

Exceptionless 1.4 Released

Exceptionless 1.4 brings with it both server and client changes, a new client integration, some minor updates, and lots of bug fixes. Check out the changelog items below, and let us know if you have any questions. We want to extend our thanks again to the developers that have worked on the project since we went open source a few weeks ago. See their contributions below, along with links to their GitHub profiles. Server The app will now be displayed … Continued The post Exceptionless 1.4 Released...(read more)

Achievement Unlocked – 1000 Accounts and Over 8,000,000 Errors Reported!

Just over six months ago, we launched Exceptionless with a mission to impact the coding community in a positive way. The goal was, and still is, to help developers find, track, and squash errors, ultimately creating better code for users. A few days ago we officially hit 1000 accounts, and as of today Exceptionless has reported 8,562,499 errors! We couldn’t be more excited! Sure, we’re busier than ever now, answering emails, conversing with open source contributors on new features, and...(read more)

New Support for NancyFX – Thanks Luisrudge!

We’ve had our first substantial pull request! Luisrudge has become the first non-trivial contributor to the Exceptionless real-time error reporting project on GitHub, with his NancyFX integration. If you’re a NancyFX user, you can find the Nancy package in our NuGet gallery. As a token of our appreciation, Luis received a free year of hosting! Thanks again Luis! Read more about contributing and getting free hosting below. What’s NancyFX? “Nancy is a lightweight, low-ceremony...(read more)

Installing Excteptionless from GitHub

Since we officially announced that Exceptionless was going open source last week, we wanted to provide everyone with a quick and easy video walkthrough of how to get up and running locally. It’s really quick, as you can see from the below video. Below the video is also a textual walkthrough. Please take a look and let us know if you have any questions. Please note that before contributing to the Exceptionless project, you must read and sign the Exceptionless … Continued The post Installing...(read more)

Exceptionless 1.3 Released

Exceptionless 1.3 brings with it both server and client changes, including open sourcing the project (which we’re super excited about!), some minor updates, and a few bug fixes. Check out the changelog items below, and let us know if you have any questions. Server Open sourced the server under the GNU Affero General Public License, Version 3.0! Extended data key names are now shown with friendly formatted name. Summary notification emails that were not sent out and are older than two days …...(read more)

Fork Us! Exceptionless Goes Open Source

It’s a big day at Exceptionless. We are super excited to announce that we are open sourcing the Exceptionless code! That’s right, now you can hack on our real-time error reporting tool yourself. Too many apps are throwing too many errors out there, resulting in confused users, lost business, and endless frustration. We believe Exceptionless can help the development community become more in-tune with their code by making those errors more transparent, trackable, and squashable. More importantly...(read more)

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