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Set Application Version for Improved Regression Notifications and Stacking

Do you get annoyed and overwhelmed by event and error notifications? You probably have more than one version of your application running, and often older versions of your app may still be triggering events that have been fixed in newer versions. Those events and notifications aren’t very helpful, so we implemented a versioning system that allows you...(read more)

Real Time App Configuration and Event Settings with Exceptionless

Bet You Didn’t Know Exceptionless Could Do This… Have you ever needed to cut through the noise and just focus on one type of event (in real time), such as only error logs, to track down a bug? Do you want to limit certain types of event reporting (in real time) to save your event...(read more)

Exceptionless 3.4 – New User Dashboards, Job Reliability, and Bug Fixes

The latest Exceptionless release has several additions we think most of our users will find helpful. We sat down and worked on the UI, fixed some bugs, and spend a considerable amount of time improving reliability and efficiency of some of the primary pieces of the app. If you’re a self hoster, you’ll need to...(read more)

Exceptionless.NET 4.0 – .NET Core and ASP.NET Core Support!

That’s right folks, with the release of Exceptionless.NET 4.0 you can now build .NET applications with Exceptionless on Linux, MacOS, and Windows! We’ve added .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, and .NET Standard 1.2+ support. We know many of you have been waiting for this, and it’s been a long time coming, but we sat down, put...(read more)

Session Heartbeats No Longer Count Towards Plan Limits

That’s right! We’ve re-imagined how session heartbeats and session end events should work on the back end and were able to make them much more efficient, allowing us to stop counting them toward user plan limits! This blog post explains our original goals and implementation of these session events, and how we were able to retain...(read more)

New Client Releases Focus on Sessions, Real Time Configuration, and Logging

Exceptionless.NET v3.5.0 and Exceptionless.JavaScript v1.4.0 have been released and they are chock full of new features and feature improvements! There weren’t a whole lot of bug fixes with these releases. Could it be that Exceptionless is working and we’ve squelched most of the bugs? We think so! Notably, we focused on sessions, real time configuration, and logging,...(read more)

Exceptionless Keyboard Shortcuts

Today we’ve got a quick article on one of the little known features of Exceptionless: keyboard shortcuts. In an effort to help you navigate Exceptionless event stacks better and troubleshoot faster, we’ve added keyboard shortcuts that lets you do things like go to the stack from an individual event occurrence, copy the event JSON, navigate...(read more)

Know How Many Users are Affected by Bugs and Events

Prioritizing your bug fixes and development time in general can be a daunting task. Sometimes, as developers, we want to work on this shiny widget or this annoying bug, and we don’t really have anything in our face telling us to quit focusing on our dreams and work on what matters to the bottom line....(read more)

Foundatio Featured on .NET Blog + Version 4.0 Release!

We’ve continued to focus some of our attention on our pluggable app foundation block solution, Foundatio, and last week it got some attention from the Microsoft .NET Blog as well! Foundatio featured as Project of the Week on .NET Blog We’ve also released V4.0, which has some new implementations, API changes, and, of course, bug fixes....(read more)

Exceptionless V3.3.0 Release – Now with Even More Awesome

We always work hard to keep improving Exceptionless, and this release is no different! Since the last release, we’ve put a lot of time into making the filtering and searching more user friendly and intuitive, improving the reliability of jobs, and of course fixing any bugs that you guys (or Exceptionless) have been able to...(read more)

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