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Exceptionless 3.1 Released! If You Thought It was Fast Before…

If you thought Exceptionless was fast before, prepare to have your mind blown by what we’ve been able to do in version 3.1, which released today. In short, we’ve reduced cpu and memory usage, increase caching efficiency, and sped up searching, all quite significantly as you’ll see below. Along with these speed boosts, we’ve also made...(read more)

Exceptionless JavaScript Client V1.1.0 Release

We’ve been hard at work on several things here at Exceptionless, including a minor version release of our JavaScript Client! Please see the details of this release below. Also, we would like to give a shout out to @frankerbersoll, @srijken and the entire community for help squashing bugs, reporting issues, and providing general feedback. You...(read more)

Introducing Foundatio 3.0! Now with Async & Increased Efficiency

Foundatio is a pluggable, scalable, painless, open source solution for caching, queues, locks, messaging, jobs, file storage, and metrics in your app. In Version 3.0, we’ve made several improvements, including, as promised in our initial Foundatio blog post, going full async. Take a closer look at the new enhancements, below, and head over to the...(read more)

Find Software Bugs with the Exceptionless JavaScript Client in Minutes

If you missed our JavaScript Client announcement, this is a great chance to see just how quick and easy the client is to install and use! You can be finding those hard to track down bugs, errors, and exceptions, as well as tracking other events and log messages, in literally minutes. We’ve made it super easy to...(read more)

Protected: Squash Bugs Faster & Speed Up Development with Exceptionless

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. The post Protected: Squash Bugs Faster & Speed Up Development with Exceptionless appeared first on Exceptionless. The post Protected: Squash Bugs Faster & Speed Up Development with Exceptionless appeared first on CodeSmith Tools ....(read more)

User Spotlight, Plus Fun Stats – Thank You to All of Our Awesome Users!

This month (Aug, ’15) we will surpass 5 MILLION EVENTS PER MONTH! That’s pretty huge, so we thought we would celebrate by highlighting a few of the awesome companies that use Exceptionless and throw out a some pretty cool statistics we dug up from the database. If your company isn’t on this list, don’t worry – it’s not...(read more)

CodeSmith Generator 7.1.0

New Features Added support for Visual Studio 2015. Added SchemaSelector to allow easier selection of schema objects. Added new TypeScript templates. Bug Fixes Updated SqlCodeTemplate to handle new SQL Server native types. Fixed a bug where multiple unrelated dialog editors couldn’t be used in the propertygrid. Fixed a bug where the SQLAnywhereSchemaProvider didn’t differentiate functions from stored...(read more)

Self Hosting Exceptionless – Free and Fast!

Self hosting allows you to run your own instance of Exceptionless, our real-time error, feature, and log reporting tool, on your own systems – FOR FREE! Not Just Free, but Fast! When developing Exceptionless 3.0, we put extensive focus on making self hosting much easier, and therefore more viable, for our users. It is now possible to get a...(read more)

Exceptionless V3.0 – Changes to the Build Process, Dependencies, and Self Hosting

Version 2.0 was a pretty big rewrite for us, and we’re happy with how everything played out, but that doesn’t mean we’re done! We’ve been working on 3.0, and it’s ready. What was the focus, you ask? To make life easier for you! We’ve simplified the build process, removed dependencies, and drastically improved the ease of self hosting. Check...(read more)

Introducing Foundatio – Pluggable Foundation Blocks for Building Distributed Apps

In the process of developing Exceptionless, we realized there was a lack of good, simple, open source solutions for caching, queues, locks, messaging, jobs, file storage, and metrics when building scaleable applications. We tried an open source Redis cache client for caching, but it went commercial (expensive) and there wasn’t any in-memory implementations. For the...(read more)

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