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Replacing DIY Exception Logging with Exceptionless – Case Study

Today we bring you a case study from the founder of Referral Rock and serial entrepreneur, Joshua Ho. Referral Rock is a referral platform for small businesses that Josh created after he “… realized small businesses lacked the tools to make a customer referral program work.” The app allows businesses to easily and effectively create, implement, and...(read more)

Track and View User Session Data – New Exceptionless Feature!

To many, this feature may be the missing piece… that connection you’ve always wanted to make between users, bugs, exceptions, app events, etc. I’m talking about, of course, user session tracking! That’s right, you can now use Exceptionless to track users as they use your app, which of course will come in super handy when you...(read more)

New Releases for ALL the Codes! Exceptionless 3.2

That’s right folks – we’ve gone and released Exceptionless 3.2, which includes releases for Exceptionless.NET, Exceptionless.JavaScript, and Exceptionless.UI! Awe yeah. We’re kind of excited, in case you couldn’t tell. Big stuff in here, like session tracking (#BOOM), licensing changes (less confusion – it’s a good thing), and posting via HTTP GET (such easy, much wow)! Lets...(read more)

Elasticsearch Case Study – By Exceptionless

We recently wrote a case study regarding how Elasticsearch has helped us improve speed and ease of scale as we’ve continued to improve Exceptionless. Last week, Elasticsearch published that case study on their blog, so we wanted to make sure our readers had a chance to check it out! We’ve written about our use of Elasticsearch...(read more)

Using Reference Ids for Better Customer Service

This week we want to talk about reference Ids and how we use them to improve customer service for Exceptionless. And how we think you can do the same for your users. What’s a Reference Id? A reference id is a unique identifier, generated by the user, that allows you to look up a submitted...(read more)

A Better Approach to Running Azure WebJobs

Lets talk about jobs in the Exceptionless world for a minute and how you can use our methods to improve your Azure WebJobs. A job is a specific task/process that runs and does something like send a mail message, etc. Out with the Old Prior to version 3.1, we used an early version of the Foundatio...(read more)

Exceptionless.JavaScript 1.2 Release Notes

We’ve got a quick release for the Exceptionless JavaScript Client that includes a few new additions to what it supports and a quick bug fix or two. Shout out to @frankebersoll for his help! Please download and update to the source code here, and view the full change log here. JavaScript Client v1.2 Notes Errors @frankebersoll added...(read more)

Exceptionless.NET 3.2 Release Notes

The .NET Exceptionless client has received several improvements and some bug fixes in version 3.2. Details below! A special shout-out to @airwareic, @srijken, @xbelt, and @mgnslndh for contributing and helping make this release happen. You guys rock! Please download and update to the latest source here, and you can view the full change log here. .NET...(read more)

Exceptionless 3.1 Released! If You Thought It was Fast Before…

If you thought Exceptionless was fast before, prepare to have your mind blown by what we’ve been able to do in version 3.1, which released today. In short, we’ve reduced cpu and memory usage, increase caching efficiency, and sped up searching, all quite significantly as you’ll see below. Along with these speed boosts, we’ve also made...(read more)

Exceptionless JavaScript Client V1.1.0 Release

We’ve been hard at work on several things here at Exceptionless, including a minor version release of our JavaScript Client! Please see the details of this release below. Also, we would like to give a shout out to @frankerbersoll, @srijken and the entire community for help squashing bugs, reporting issues, and providing general feedback. You...(read more)

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