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About Us

CodeSmith Tools is a privately-held software company, established in 2004, specializing in the creation of software tools that help developers be more productive.

Our flagship product, CodeSmith Generator, started out as a small side project by our founder and CEO Eric J. Smith. CodeSmith Generator quickly gained tremendous popularity and grew into a hugely successful product.

Company Vision and Mission

Our goal is to build the best developer tools available to help developers around the world get their jobs done faster and help them avoid repetitive work.

We believe in being open and available to our customers, and listening to what they have to say. Our highest priority is the success of our customers, followed by continued innovation with our products.

CodeSmith Generator Templates

We are currently in the planning stages for all of the Template Frameworks and will update the roadmap as more information is available.

Template Frameworks

  • Add nuget integration and other improvements.

PLINQO Templates

  • Sync the featureset between all PLINQO Frameworks.
  • Provide additional features requested by the community.

Long Term Plans

We are thinking ahead for all of our products.

  • CodeSmith Generator 7.x
  • Exceptionless

CodeSmith Tools offers consulting services and training for the following subjects:

  • CodeSmith Products
  • Code Generation
  • The ExtJS Framework
  • The jQuery Framework

Please contact us for additional details or to obtain a quote.

Get Sponsored!

Want CodeSmith to sponsor your user group or code camp? Simply have an officer of your organization contact us at marketing@codesmithtools.com, and we will be more than happy to work with them!


CodeSmith Tools, LLC is headquartered in Dallas, TX area with offices at:

CodeSmith Tools, LLC 5250 Hwy 78, Suite 750-324 Sachse, TX 75048 USA

Fax: (866) 719-4175

CodeSmith Media Kit

We always like it when people want to link to our website or products. Here is a media kit to help make that easy:

Download the CodeSmith Media Kit

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